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200keV saturated lens of a TEM
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200keV saturated lens of a TEM
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The data similar to those Tsuno used in 1986 ICEM conference in Japan are used. This example is used to demonstrate the accuracy of EOD and its LENS module.
  • Data contain 80000 mesh points
  • 3 excitations of a lens (15000, 15500 and 16000 Aturns)
  • computation will take 22 s on 3 GHz PC. This is a large difference to typical computation time of 1 night for 1 lens excitation with 6000 mesh points in 1986!
The same data but with saving only the result of the last excitation are used to check the computation error with a built-in procedure in EOD. The accuracy (i.e. the error of B(z) close to its maximum) is around 0.01 %, and the computation time is just 240 s.