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EOD (Electron optical design) - software for design of charged particle optics devices

  • EOD is program integrating Software for Particle Optics Computations (SPOC) programs MLD, ELD, MMD, EMD and TRC
  • EOD is based on potential computation with well-established first order finite element method, allowing to solve the 2D potential with high accuracy
  • EOD is a complete environment with interface for the input of FEM data, input of data for optical computations and ray tracing, and graphical output of computation results
  • EOD is a Windows© program with CAD-like look
  • The user interface enables the input of data with complicated geometry and the solution of complex electron and ion optical problems in EOD

EOD capabilities

Electric and magnetic field computation

  • Saturated magnetic electron lenses of complicated geometry - (built in error estimation)
  • Saddle or toroidal deflectors inside magnetic lenses
  • Electrostatic lenses (with dieletrics) - (built in error estimation)
  • Electrostatic and magnetic multipoles
  • Tolerancing analysis of electrostatic and magnetic lenses
  • Import of fields calculated outside EOD possible

Optical properties computation

  • Optical properties – including aberration coefficients – with high accuracy
  • Signal electron ray paths
  • Optimizations
  • Output of field and particle data along trajectory and at selected planes