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Tolerancing plugin

Tolerancing plugin can be used to simulate imperfections in machining of lenses. It can calculate additional fields created by misalignment, tilt, ellipticity and triangularity of electrodes of rotationally symmetric electrostatic lenses and magnetic materials of rotationally symmetric magnetic lenses.


Influence of Saturation of Magnetic Lens Material on Fields of Deflectors and Parasitic Fields, Zlamal, J; Lencova, B, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2015




Ofloff electrostatic lens

Orloff lens

and multipole axial field function of focusing electrode

Axial field functions

Spot calculated for focusing electrode misaligned by 0.1 mm

Spot - focusing electrode misaligned by 0.1 mm



Magnetic lens

Magnetic lens

and axial field functions of left-hand toleranced polepiece

Axial field functions for polepiece

Spot calculated for left-hand polepiece misaligned by 0.1 mm

Spot for misalignment 0.1 mm