3D field plugin

3D field plugin provides user interface for REAF (Radial Expansion of Axial Field) interpolation method [1]. REAF interpolation is the only way for very precise tracing of particles near the optical axis and for evaluation of aberration integrals. The method of interpolation of 3D fi elds implemented in EOD is capable to determine axial field functions of multipole components of 3D field up to m = 10 from the electrostatic potential or vector of magnetic flux density.

Field values imported to EOD should be evaluated in the software used for 3D fi eld calculation (COMSOL Multiphysics, Field Precision, etc.) in the points of cylindrical coordinate system.

Plugin automatically determines axial field functions of relevant multipole components of field. Consequent interpolation of field is accurate up to 80 % of bore radius.


[1] Accurate interpolation of 3D fields in charged particle optics, Horak, M; Badin, V; Zlamal, J, Ultramicroscopy, 2018